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Hire a Camp anywhere you want to camp! Search, discover and book camps, cabins, tree houses & boat houses at beautiful locations in India. Jump in the car, crank up your favorite playlist, and you’ll be there in no time… on a piece of beautiful land that you could never before access. Mountain views, clear rivers, tall forests, open spaces and fresh air.

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Open up a new world of outdoor adventures from places to camp, hike, bike, sit by a fire or just gather with friends near the river.

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Hire a Camp - Camping made easy
Hire a Camp - Camping made easy

Reconnect with each other

Friendships and families are built on shared experiences. Create your own shared fireside legends. Inspire your children, laugh with your friends or just rediscover yourself.

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Hire a Camp - Camping made easy

Get closer to nature

Camping is only the beginning. Exploring the surrounding area is the best part! Be it morning waterfall trek.. Fishing in Beas river.. BBQ grilled chicken.. White water river rafting adventure.. Stroll by the lake.. Listen to the buzzing flies on the wildflowers!

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Hire a Camp - Camping made easy
Hire a Camp - Camping made easy

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Join India's largest campsite chain if you have a beautiful offbeat property close to the nature. Earn money, host travellers and make new friends!

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Hire a Camp - Camping made easy
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